Major Arcot Sai Dikshith

  Major Arcot Sai Dikshith
LT A. Dikshit



  • Hi all, I am Arcot Sai Dikshith from Hyderabad. The journey just began with the recommendation for the prestigious organization in the entire nation. Do you have it in you. Yes, I have it in me.
  • I am an engineering graduate and during my school/college days participated in N.C.C and basketball at the national level. Since my childhood days, my aim was to join Armed forces. I tried the first attempt of getting into Armed forces through N.D.A, but could not clear the written exam. On completion of my engineering, I started preparing for SSB and joined Cavaliers Academy in New Delhi but I was conference out. Then I did the introspection of my performance but could not make out the grey areas. Thereafter appeared in another SSB, gave the second interview at Varanasi and cleared my Pilot Aptitude Battery Test but again I was conference out. At Varanasi Air Force SSB. I came across a candidate who got recommended for ground duties after getting conference out for 3 times and got recommended in 4th attempt. Later the same candidate was recommended after 15 days from another board. As per him, this I could achieve because of excellent coaching imparted by Col Kataria, SSMENTORS.
  • He suggested me to go to SSMENTORS for coaching, but due to my official commitments, I could not go and went for SSB at Bangalore. This time I did a lot of hard work and performed well but again I was conference out. After a few days, I received another call-up letter and this time I finally decided to go to Col Kataria, academy SSMENTORS. Every day at SSMENTORS, I have got major to minor inputs about SSB that could clarify my concepts and doubts about the selection process. I was able to figure out where I stand in regards to my strong/weak points and preparation. I would like to share that the way Col Kataria conducts his sessions, it’s amazing, firstly his batch strength has a maximum of 10-12 candidates so that he can have one to one interaction with candidates as each candidate has a different problem, secondly, he does not force his views on you but refine your own capabilities in all techniques and lastly, he conducts short and to the point session which put your preparation on right track and even after coaching you can remain in touch with him through mob or email or personally. With the knowledge, I gained here and maintained continuous touch with him till the last day of SSB that helped me a lot and I finally got recommended from Bangalore the same place where I got conference out earlier.
  • My suggestion to all defense aspirants is that one can achieve his dream only through effective planning, sheer practice, hard work, and proper guidance/coaching. I recommend one must take coaching because a “Teacher plays a vital and important role in student’s success”. All the achievements in my life have gurus. If I look back, I think of my school teacher, basketball coach and SSB success- Colonel Kataria sir. My sincere thanks to all my teachers. All the best to all SSB aspirants, the success you get after failures will be sweeter than the one you get at first shot. The more the failures are sweeter the success.

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