Importance of Games in Schools and Colleges

Importance of Games in Schools and Colleges
Importance of Games in Schools and Colleges

Importance of Games in Schools and Colleges  


  • Importance of Games in Schools and Colleges: Games or any other vigorous physical activity occupy a special place in a young person’s life. These help in overall physical and mental development of an individual. Therefore, taking part in games right from the childhood days especially in schools and colleges is the need of the hour. Here lies importance of games in our educational institutions.

Skill and Games

  • Games never come alone. These come with some useful skills along. To name a few, these skills include physical fitness and mental robustness, enhanced discipline, a touch of sociability, self-confidence, self-esteem and so on. All the skills once imbibed make a student a better person in life. I will now touch upon these skills briefly.

Physical Fitness and Mental Robustness.

  • A student who is physically fit and mentally robust is well prepared to face hardships and challenges in life.

Enhanced Discipline.

  • Games help in bringing discipline in students. Being a sportsperson, one learns how to follow rules, obey coach and rules of the game which inculcates a sense of discipline in students’ minds.


  • Being part of the team helps students to interact well with people of all ages. Thus, making friends and respecting diversities with an open mind becomes easier

Leadership Qualities

  • Friends games do enhance leadership qualities. One is not only a team member but also a team leader at times in schools and colleges. This will boost up the leadership skills of the students and will help in making right decisions.

Team Work and Cooperation

  • Team work and cooperation is also an equally important skill that students imbibe while playing sports as members of the team. Sports need good coordination, teamwork and cooperation to achieve better results. These skills once imbibed will help students go a long way in future.

Improves Mental Health

  • Not only physical skills, games help in improving mental skills too. Regular exercise through playing games improves memory and other cognitive functions of the brain. It helps students to remain focussed and do well in studies.


  • To say the importance of games in schools and colleges cannot be overemphasised. Games are an important part of our life. Earlier we recognise this during schools and college stage the better. A good sportsperson is a one with a positive outlook, always helping and a dependable friend.

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