Why this Logo



 SSMENTORS is a combination of two words i.e. Assessment & Mentors which means SSMENT + MENTORS. Assessment implies assessing one’s behaviour desired for particular need and mentors implies imparting training to express best behaviour when in contact with formal assessment tools/stimulus.SSMENTORS trains inspiring candidates to exhibit best behaviour to express Officer like qualities in SSB like environment.



The shield shape personifies an idea of safety and security. Used since ancient times as protection, shields are associated with shelter from external threat. Thus, a shield logo implies that a brand can be trusted to always provide its candidates with the very best products and services. Colours in our Logo. The colours used in our logo are Orange, Blue, Green and White. Orange lends a good balance between the passionate red and the yellow of wisdom. It is symbolic of endurance, creativity, success and ambition and represents fire and flame in the Sun. It also stands out as a symbol of creativity and joy. Blue represents depth, sincerity, wisdom, confidence and intelligence which has a positive effect on the mind and body. Blue is also representative of both the Sky and the Sea which is associated with intuition, imagination, sincerity, wisdom confidence and intelligence. White is a reflective colour that represents purity, sophistication and efficiency. Associated with light, this colour is a symbol of guidance, innocence, purity, beginnings and so on. Green is a symbol of life, new beginnings, safety and environment; green is also a status symbol for ambition and wealth.