Proven Tips to crack SSB Group Discussion

SSB Group Discussion: The GTO technique is an observational technique. It consists of a number of different, leaderless group situations, in which the candidates have the freedom to choose their own behavioural roles, lay down their own priorities for action and engage themselves in a collective group activity, interacting freely, bringing about modifications or changes in their own and others’ behaviour. The assessment is made on the basis of the overall group effectiveness of the candidate in relation to his group.

The GTO technique consists of nine (09) tasks which are conducted over a period of two days:

    • Group Discussion (GD).
    • Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
    • Progressive Group Task.
    • Group Obstacles Race.
    • Half Group Task (HGT)
    • Individual Obstacle Course
    • Lecturette
    • Command Task
    • Final Group Task

SSB Group Discussion (GD)

In SSB group discussion(GD), two topics of common interest (social issues and current events) are discussed. It is an informal discussion and not a debate. Each topic is allotted 20 minutes each. No definite conclusion is required to be deduced.

    • First, prepare a mental note of what you are going to say about the topic.
    • Listen carefully to what others are saying.
    • Give your points with proper reasoning.
    • Respect others’ points of view and support others as well.
    • Decently oppose others’ points if you have a different view.
    • If someone is deviated from the actual topic try to bring him/her back. Present things differently and interestingly so that others pay attention while you speak.
    • Coin various relevant points to break the monotony or repetition of the points of discussion.

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