SSB WAT Tips: Best tips to write Word Association Test

SSB WAT Tips: The aim of the Psychological (Projective) technique is to find out the repressed unconscious materials from the individual in the form of motives, desires, thoughts, conflicts, defenses etc. The impact he creates on others by his intellectual, social, emotional and moral qualities and his leadership potential. The main thing here is that the individual is not aware of these things he reveals through this technique.

The Psychological technique consists of four personality tests:

    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
    • Word Association Test (WAT).
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
    • Self-Description (SD).

Tips to write Word Association Test (WAT)

In SSB WAT is conducted basically to find out the analytical ability of the candidate.   It’s an unstructured test where 60 words are shown to the individual one after another.  He has to write down the very first thought or idea that comes to his mind in the form of a sentence.  Each word is shown for 15 seconds and within those 15 seconds, he has to write down the sentence also.

Points to be kept in mind while attempting this test

    • Write simple, brief, meaningful sentences, not descriptive ones.
    • Sentences may not have high grammatical quality but should reveal some sensible ideas.
    • Do not be superficial. Avoid antisocial, pessimistic, negative approach while expressing ideas.
    • Write constructive, positive sentences revealing the desire to improve, learn, co-operate, hard work, optimism, etc.
    • Sentences should not reveal fear, complex, undue anxiety, lack of courage, lack of interest, etc.
    • A given word can be used in any form or manner that suits your thought the best. At least write the word or synonyms or phrases if time is short.
    • Coin words and ideas from your regular activities, learning, hobbies, and interests.
    • Some useful universally acceptable facts or messages should be conveyed from sentences.
    • Your ideas must not be contradictory or self-conflicting.
    • Even with a negative set of words try to build some positive facts/ ideas.

SSB WAT Examples

    • You can understand this with the help of an example. Word is Murder (Negative Meaning Word)
    • Sentence 1- Murder is a hit movie = Superficial fantasy
    • Sentence 2- Proper law and vigilance can prevent a murder – Positive & Socially Acceptable
    • Sentence 3- Ram murdered his friend =Negative
    • Sentence 4- Murder is unlawful inhuman act = Neutral idea
    • Murder is a crime – A factual statement
    • From the above discussion, it is clear that sentence 2 suits best the requirement.

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