SSB TAT: How to write SSB TAT Stories

SSB TAT- How to write SSB TAT Stories: The aim of the Psychological (Projective) technique is to find out the repressed unconscious materials from the individual in the form of motives, desires, thoughts, conflicts, defenses, etc. The impact he creates on others by his intellectual, social, emotional and moral qualities and his leadership potential. The main thing here is that the individual is not aware of these things he reveals through this technique.

The Psychological technique consists of four personality tests: –

    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
    • Word Association Test (WAT).
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
    • Self-Description (SD).

SSB TAT: How to write SSB TAT Stories

Thematic Apperception Test 

    • In SSB TAT Consists of 11 pictures plus one blank slide total of 12 pictures.  Each picture is shown to the candidate for 30 seconds and 4 minutes are given for story writing.  The individual is asked to write the story while taking into account three things – what led to the situation, what is going on now and what would be the out come of the story.  Pictures are constructed and designed in such a way that it gives out officer like qualities. Points to be kept in mind while writing the story.
    • Observe the picture carefully & make a mental note of the essentials. Make special study of individuals appearing in the picture.
    • Grasp activities in which they are engaged and pay attention to background.
    • Develop a story around the scene and Imagine a past which has led to the present scene.
    • Do not be superficial. Always write stories closer to reality.
    • Write things which contain socially acceptable facts and unnecessarily do not imagine an unrealistic situation
    • Create story which revolves around the central character-the hero/heroine and choose a short name of the main character. Other characters, if any will only be related to the main one in some way. Character(s) should reveal officer like qualities.
    • There should be a problem/ challenge and a logical solution to it. In the end, there should be a Positive, Happy, Socially Acceptable outcome.
    • Write about half a page (10 to12 lines)
      • Sample TAT Story

Vimal Was the head of an NGO.  Considering the ongoing government policy against the use of plastic bags, he decided to launch a campaign for this good cause.  Vimal organized team and held classes to explain the harms of plastic bags.  He appraised the fact that colored plastic bags are harmful for food.  He further emphasized that plastic bags are harmful to food.  He further emphasized that plastic bags are non-biodegradable.  He convinced general public for not using these bags and instead make use of paper and jute bags.  He told them that paper and jute bags can be recycled and can produce electricity also.  His campaign was a success Vimal was happy and satisfied that he could become that part of a good cause.

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