SSB Situation Reaction Test (SRT) with Examples

SSB Situation Reaction Test: The aim of the Psychological (Projective) technique is to find out the repressed unconscious materials from the individual in the form of motives, desires, thoughts, conflicts, defenses, etc. The impact he creates on others by his intellectual, social, emotional and moral qualities and his leadership potential. The main thing here is that the individual is not aware of these things he reveals through this technique.

    • The Psychological technique consists of four personality tests:
    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
    • Word Association Test (WAT).
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
    • Self-Description (SD).

SSB Situation Reaction Test – (SRT)

In SSB SRT is a semi-structured test having open-ended questions/situations. This test consists of 60 routine life situations regarding day to day activities. The situations are printed in a booklet and the candidate is asked to write his reactions by completing the sentences, as to how they would feel, think and act in these situations. The total time given is 30 minutes. Candidate has to perceive, interpret and solve the problem through three processes: –


Examples of SSB SRT Situations:

    • You can understand this with the help of a few examples.
    • Sit He/She had gone to the library to consult some books but was issued to someone. Tomorrow was his/her exam.
    • Reaction – He/She checked out from the register, found the name and address of the person, went to her and consulted the book.  I also went to a friend’s place to see the notes.
    • Sit 2. He/She was walking on the road, found a purse lying containing Rs 2000/-
    • Reaction- He/She took the purse checked for the address of the person found it and went to the person and handed over to him.
    • Sit 3 When he/she went to the bathroom found a snake near the window.
    • Reaction- He/She brings out a stick and threw the snake out of the window.

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