SSB Self Description: How to write SD in SSB

SSB Self Description: The aim of the Psychological (Projective) technique is to find out the repressed unconscious materials from the individual in the form of motives, desires, thoughts, conflicts, defenses, etc. The impact he creates on others by his intellectual, social, emotional and moral qualities and his leadership potential. The main thing here is that the individual is not aware of these things he reveals through this technique.

The Psychological technique consists of four personality tests:

    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
    • Word Association Test (WAT).
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
    • Self-Description (SD)

SSB Self-Description Test

In SSB conduct of the self-description (SD) test is to know about a person’s insight, maturity, and motivation. Here the individual is asked to write down five paragraphs which contain, Parent’s/Guardian Opinion, Teacher’s/Immediate superior Opinion, Friend’s/Colleague   Opinion, his own opinion about himself and qualities to improve in future. Total time given is 15 minutes. The followings point to be kept in mind —

    • Think about yourself objectively.
    • Consider your achievements in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities, social and other fields. Emphasis should be on such factors that provide an overview of your personality traits.
    • Coin your strength and weak points–not your likings and disliking.
    • When quoting your strong points be confident about it. Also, while quoting your weaknesses coin some ideas or measures that you have taken to overcome and improve them.
    • While filling up PIQ (Which is another form of SD only) keep in mind that your performance, behaviour, activities should resemble what you have written.
    • So, write what you are and do accordingly

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