SSB Lecturette Tips: How to perform well

SSB Lecturette Tips: The GTO technique is an observational technique. It consists of a number of different, leaderless group situations, in which the candidates have the freedom to choose their own behavioural roles, lay down their own priorities for action and engage themselves in a collective group activity, interacting freely, bringing about modifications or changes in their own and others’ behaviour. The assessment is made on the basis of the overall group effectiveness of the candidate in relation to his group.

The GTO technique consists of nine (09) tasks which are conducted over a period of two days:

    • Group Discussion (GD).
    • Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
    • Progressive Group Task.
    • Group Obstacles Race.
    • Half Group Task (HGT)
    • Individual Obstacle Course
    • Lecturette
    • Command Task
    • Final Group Task

SSB Lecturette Tips

    • In SSB lecturette is an individual task and the candidate is required to give a short talk to the group. Three minutes are allowed to prepare any chosen topic from the four given in the Lecturette Cards for the talk and three minutes to deliver the talk.
    • Don’t attempt to memorize topics. Subject selection is very important and Selects a topic on which a maximum no of points can be spoken.
    • Generally, in cards different categories of topics having varying degrees of difficulty. Choose the topic with whom you feel you are very confident.
    • Try to speak throughout the entire time span given and arrange your points before speaking.
    • Coin different points and do not repeat.
    • Modulate your voice and speak loud and clear.
    • Address your GTO and teammates and wish them before you begin.
    • Stand at ease, do not unnecessarily move your body parts. Speak confidently.
    • Keep in mind that the audience should be able to learn or gather some knowledge from your lecture.

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