SSB Interview Tips: From Assessors Point of view

SSB Interview Tips: The interview technique is an observational technique. This technique consists of establishing an effective two-way communication process between interviewer and interviewee for the transfer of information. The communication is relevant to the situation and purpose of the interview. In this situation, the two people interact freely and establish rapport with one another. The candidate is encouraged to take progressively larger part. The interviewing officer tries to estimate the candidate’s officer like qualities through careful probing into the past developmental history of the candidate.

Important steps followed during the conduct of Interview

    • Rapport building.
    • Education
    • Home background
    • Hobbies and Interest
    • Self-evaluation
    • Closing Interview

Points to be Kept in Mind during SSB Interview

    • In SSB interview the IO (Interviewing Officer) is generally not only aimed to check the candidate’s in-depth knowledge of his/ her subject of study. Interviewing officers can ask you about very general things that can be anything and everything.
    • Be prepared to face any kind of questions as these questions are meant to check your actions and reactions under pressure.
    • Be upright, speak up, be composed and well organized.
    • Do not give contradictory or confusing answers.
    • Be very clear and confident. Keep up a bright smiling face throughout. Give your answers in brief composed manner if you know it, else politely confess and say that you will check it later.
    • Be absolute to the point. Do not speak extra or less than that is required.
    • In rapid-fire questions listen to them carefully and answer them in order and at last politely ask if anything is missed out.
    • All the answers should have a resemblance to the PIQ form.
    • Dress up decently and formally with comfortable outfits so that you don’t get conscious or diverted and you can properly concentrate in the interview.

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