SSB GTO Tasks: How to approach PGT | HGT | FGT

SSB GTO Tasks: How to approach PGT | HGT | FGT: The GTO technique is an observational technique. It consists of a number of different, leaderless group situations, in which the candidates have the freedom to choose their own behavioral roles, lay down their own priorities for action and engage themselves in a collective group activity, interacting freely, bringing about modifications or changes in their own and others’ behavior. The assessment is made on the basis of the overall group effectiveness of the candidate in relation to his group.

The GTO technique consists of nine (09) tasks which are conducted over a period of two days:

    • Group Discussion (GD).
    • Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
    • Progressive Group Task.
    • Group Obstacles Race.
    • Half Group Task (HGT)
    • Individual Obstacle Course
    • Lecturette
    • Command Task
    • Final Group Task

How to approach PGT | HGT | FGT

    •  These are outdoor tasks. In the case of PGT, a set of obstacles with progressively increasing levels of difficulties are to be completed in 40 to 50 minutes whereas other tasks HGT and FGT are similar in construction but have a single task and to be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Group is provided with structures, helping material and load to negotiate tasks.
    • Observe the structures and settings carefully and remember, the solution is hidden in simple things only.
    • Use helping materials and put to the best use of human effort (Avoid using human force but try making use of helping material and structures) and helping materials.
    • Take the lead in giving and executing ideas.
    • Don’t force others to follow your ideas, reasonably try to convince and encourage others.
    • Never remain in a backdrop or start line, take initiative and take lead or be active member/helper.
    • Concentrate on group activities, volunteer to carry a load and cross difficult obstacles.
    • The moment you find a solution/ idea, jump into action proactively without distracting others.
    • Show urgency in movements, readily accept responsibilities. Show a positive constructive approach.

SSB GTO Tasks: How to approach IO and GOR

SSB GTO Technique – Group Discussion (GD)