SSB Group Planning Exercise Tips: Know the key points of GPE

SSB Group Planning Exercise: The GTO technique is an observational technique. It consists of a number of different, leaderless group situations, in which the candidates have the freedom to choose their own behavioral roles, lay down their own priorities for action and engage themselves in a collective group activity, interacting freely, bringing about modifications or changes in their own and others’ behavior. The assessment is made on the basis of the overall group effectiveness of the candidate in relation to his group.

The GTO technique consists of nine (09) tasks which are conducted over a period of two days:

    • Group Discussion (GD).
    • Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
    • Progressive Group Task.
    • Group Obstacles Race.
    • Half Group Task (HGT)
    • Individual Obstacle Course
    • Lecturette
    • Command Task
    • Final Group Task

SSB Group Planning Exercise (GPE) Tips

    •  In SSB Group planning exercise (GPE) comprises of five stages to include, explanation of the model, reading of the narrative by GTO, five minutes for self-reading by candidates, 10 minutes for individual written solutions and 20 minutes for group discussion. The narration of the group solution and definite conclusion is required
    • In GPE always remember that the problems will be of the important, less important type or to divert your attention to low priority tasks.
    • First, listen to the problem/situation very carefully and chalk out your priorities and arrange your problems according to that.
    • Note down the helping materials and possible resources that be used subject to practicability.
    • Do not be superficial and solve problems simultaneously as time is a constraint.
    • At the time of a common plan, the discussion doesn’t hesitate to coin your opinion if it is different but useful.

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