SSB Conference: Tips to perform Well

In SSB Conference happens on the fifth day of the selection process. In SSB Conference all the assessors including  Psychologist, GTO and Interviewing officer along with the Board President and Deputy President meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates.

The aim of the SSB conference is to discuss candidates’ performance in each technique with a view to reaching consensus among all three assessors with regard to his suitability for the organization. Since the candidate has been assessed in three different techniques and environment so it becomes important to see a candidate from a different perspective You shall remain calm and composed till the conference gets over as you selection can be finalised on this day.

Go through the current affairs and the questions you were not able to answer during your Interview. The officer may ask you the same questions. You shall observe the surrounding very carefully before the conference day. Know you, group member, know their positive and negative qualities. Keep yourself updated with the places that you have visited during your stay.

Tips to handle SSB Conference

    • The conference is a formal event and considered to be another technique as it has an equal weightage of marks if compared with other techniques.
    • Prepare questions that you could not answer during the conduct of the interview.
    • Dress up formally.
    • Sit smartly and answer questions confidently.
    • Be mentally prepared to sit for 15 to 20 minutes if the board decides to probe you deeper regarding an observation raised by any of the assessors.

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