Our Approach

  • SSB Selection process involves three techniques namely Psychological, Group testing and Interview. The rationale behind this three-dimensional assessment is to form a holistic picture of an individual’s personality. That is, by Psychological technique an individual’s mind/psyche is being assessed to find out the underlying personality factors that form an integral part of the self. In Group testing technique, an individual’s personality is assessed when he in action, that too, when he is in group. Through Interview technique, the personality assessment is done through behaviour observation and analysis of the responses when he is answering certain questions. Considering this we have designed our training module & process to ensure continuous improvement which is explained in succeeding paras –


  • Objective of SSB Training

    At SSMENTORS, we have designed the process which helps candidates in exhibiting or expressing his/her officer like qualities. Our real time SSB Coaching process assist candidates in achieving the following objectives

    • Familiarity with Process To achieve better results, understanding of process is very essential. Once you understand the process, it helps in managing our psyche and physical energy which takes your performance to next level. During SSB training sessions, candidates are exposed to SSB like environment and made to undergo practice sessions to get familiar with process.
    • Overcome fear of unknown – Once familiarity with process increases, candidate’s starts feeling the pulse of process which gradually enhances comprehension and better understanding of testing tools.
    • Exposure to Actual SSB Like Environment – At SSMENTORS, Candidates are put through actual SSB like environment to experience real time psychological test, outdoor GTO tasks and mock Interview. This in turn helps candidates in gaining confidence and use tasks in best optimal way to express officer like qualities.
    • Self – Introspection – Candidates after having undergone rigorous training, they would be in a position to do self-introspection which helps them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Exercise of Identification of strengths and weaknesses take him to next level i.e. setting short term goals to refine identified weak areas.

Our Methodology – At SSMENTORS, to achieve objectives our method of coaching is to make you understand your strength/weaknesses, training of brain to cope with new environment, using one’s own capabilities at the right place and right time. Main features of our training are to make you understand the concept of selection, detail knowledge of officer like qualities, go through the entire process in realistic SSB look alike environment and undergo practice sessions. Our training module as shown in the graphic —

Course Content Delivery – We make sure that each candidate is exposed to SSB look alike environment. They are exposed to each and every tests/tasks of PP&DT, Psychological, GTO & Interview Techniques and put through similar process and content which they would be experiencing at SSB. Our mode of training delivery is through power point presentations, outdoor tasks, interactive sessions/discussions & individual feedback. Our process of training would focus on the following –

    • Picture Perception & Discussion Test – Theoretical aspects are covered in detail and practice sessions are conducted.
    • Psychological Technique –Theoretical aspects are covered in detail.  Two complete mock tests practices and discussion of each & every response in detail in person and individual feedback is given. Continuous monitoring of preparation is followed up.
    • GTO Technique –Theoretical aspects are covered in detail and number of practice sessions of all the tasks are conducted in actual look alike outdoor conditions.
    • Interview Technique– Sessions would cover how to improve your image to include how to dress up, body language and real time experience through mock interview.
    • Conference Procedure – Candidates are exposed to mock conference procedure.
    • Train your Brain to enhance your Capability– Once we analyse the entire process of SSB, it is essential that brain must be trained to switch from one situation to another.  To achieve this, we use scientific training methodology i.e. train your brain with NLP – the “difference that makes a difference.”       Through the years in school and college, candidates have become conditioned to think, act, and behave in a particular manner. Now, all of a sudden, they’re in the SSB environment which is very different – situations are completely new and unfamiliar and you are required to “think and act on your feet.” This requires preparation of a different kind, preparation with a difference that is the reason SSB Training is become important to get used to new environment. While you may be prepared, you may never be prepared enough – the uncertainty and ambiguity of the unexpected will always loom large and you need to train your brain to perform against the odds.
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) – During our SSB coaching or SSB training sessions, we train candidates to use proven techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP in order to train their brains to help reduce/eliminate the effects of such uncertainty and ambiguity, and help them navigate through the SSB environment with greater success. Techniques such as Anchoring, Circle of Excellence, Framing & Reframing, Subconscious Re-imprinting, and others help candidates in training their brains to build capability.
    • How to manage your Conscious and Sub Conscious State of Mind– During our training session, we lay stress on how to manage your perception, attitude and state of mind without distorting facts. How can you alter your thought process to make optimal use to exhibit best of your abilities?

How Do We Ensure – We assure you matchless methods for training candidates.

    • Individualized attention.
    • Optimum batch size (8 to 10 max).
    • Proven and tested content/ study material.
    • Scientific training approach.
    • Near SSB like indoor and outdoor training facilities.
    • Experienced facilitators and coaches.
    • Focus on all aspects of your personality – Intellectual, social and dynamic.