How to tackle Command Task in SSB Interview

How to tackle Command Task in SSB: The GTO technique is an observational technique. It consists of a number of different, leaderless group situations, in which the candidates have the freedom to choose their own behavioural roles, lay down their own priorities for action and engage themselves in a collective group activity, interacting freely, bringing about modifications or changes in their own and others’ behaviour. The assessment is made on the basis of the overall group effectiveness of the candidate in relation to his group.

The GTO technique consists of nine (09) tasks which are conducted over a period of two days:

    • Group Discussion (GD).
    • Group Planning Exercise (GPE).
    • Progressive Group Task.
    • Group Obstacles Race.
    • Half Group Task (HGT)
    • Individual Obstacle Course
    • Lecturette
    • Command Task
    • Final Group Task

How to tackle Command Task in SSB

    • In the SSB command task, each individual is nominated as commander for one outdoor task consisting of one obstacle similar to other group tasks like Progressive/half/final group tasks. The individual is provided with structures, helping material and load to negotiate tasks. The time given is 15 minutes.
    • In the Command task, be bold, confident, loud and clear to give a good impression to your subordinates.
    • Selecting the right assistants is very important. Select those who are active, fit, sharp and cooperative so that, if you are asked, you can tell the reason for selecting them.
    • A commander should set his/ her mind for the solution. Explain the task very clearly to the helpers. Concentrate more on planning, supervising & helping in executing the tasks.
    • Ask for suggestions and be tactful in accepting them into your plan of action (Do not ask for suggestions immediately or after failure but look for alternatives and ask help only if you feel the task is beyond you).
    • When you are called as a helper, do not speak or give suggestions unless and until you are asked to do so, be active and do everything told by the commander.

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